FaceTime not working: How to troubleshoot FaceTime Issues

If you are an iOS user, then you know that Facetime is one of the most important apps for daily life. It is a free voice calling app for Apple users, allows users to make calls using the internet.

With FaceTime, you can make free audio or video calls to anybody who uses an iPhone, iPad or Mac. You may speak to each other for free over your WiFi internet connection (you could also use a mobile connection, but because this may eat into your free information allowance our advice is to turn that off in Preferences > Mobile Data in case you do not have a large information allowance).

Many iOS users are facing issues like FaceTime not working or FaceTime is not connecting.

Here is a complete guide on how to fix FaceTime not working issue on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Solve FaceTime Issues on Windows and Mac

In this article, we will explain how to find out if FaceTime is down, and what to do if Apple’s FaceTime is not working for a different reason. These FaceTime fixes can allow you to troubleshoot Apple’s video mobile call program.

Facetime For Android

If Apple’s FaceTime server is down, there is not much you can do about it, but you’ll at least understand that FaceTime is down and it is not one who’s broken it. We show you how you can check whether FaceTime is having server problems. The Apple System Status website should provide you up-to-date information concerning the status of FaceTime and other Apple services like iMessage, the App Store, and Apple Music. Frequently more than one of them goes down at precisely the same time.

The System Status page also provides you a heads up if any services have planned maintenance work – so that you may like to test it before you organize a video call with a customer. Apple also uses the page to report back on any newly resolved issues to its providers. For many FaceTime for PC users, FaceTime is comparatively simple and just works. However, you might still experience problems and find the error.

FaceTime not working – How to Fix

There are in reality two different kinds of text messages you’ll be able to send and get on your Mac. If you attempt to send a text message, you will observe an alert saying that Your message was not able to be sent. A single e-mail address may be used for sending a text. To use FaceTime, you first will need to confirm your email. The way that people communicate had come a very long way from as soon as the very first phone was initially invented. It might happen in which you are unable to make calls or receive calls because FaceTime because FaceTime options aren’t available in the Settings menu. If you’re not certain, consider making a FaceTime call with somebody else.

Method 1: Check Apple Servers

Before trying any method, first, make sure that Apple Servers are up. If the problem is from Apple Side then you cannot do anything. You have to wait. Check Apple System Status Report.

Method 2: Turn WiFi On and Off

Go to Settings > WiFi and toggle it off. Wait few seconds and toggle it back on. This will reset Wifi Network for temporary. Like this, you can try to turn off Mobile Data and then turn it on.

Method 3: Change DNS

Go to Settings > WiFi > Your Network > Configure DNS > Manual > Add Server > enter and > Save.

Make sure to delete current DNS.

For Macs, go to System Preferences > Network > Select NETWORK > Advanced > DNS Tab > click the + button to add DNS, and then enter and These are two free DNS.

Save Settings.

Method 4:  Restart Device

A simple reboot can fix network issues for iDevices.

Method 4: Set Your iDevice’s Date & Time to Automatic

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time App. Set time and date automatic.

Navigate to System Preferences > Date & Time > Set date and time automatically

If you can’t make a video call then wait for sometime. The network reset procedure takes 1-2 minutes and will restore internet connectivity for the majority of users experiencing this specific matter. The FaceTime application is a super fun way to stay in contact with friends and families. This app is simply released for apple solutions. Sometimes FaceTime app won’t appear in any way. If you’re going to utilize FaceTime app, firstly you must activate it upon your device.

If you own a firewall or other type of online protection in place, then it might be blocking ports that prevent FaceTime from working. In the event the FaceTime server is down, you can’t do much, but at least you can be certain your device really isn’t the issue. From time to time, the users face some sort of issues when using the FaceTime app on iOS devices. It’s made specifically for iOS users. It is dependent upon the device you wish to connect with, through Facetime. It’s among the great things about Apple devices.

Final Words:

Hope above solutions work for you. If still you are facing FaceTime not working or not connecting issues then comment below. You can also try to reset all networks and reset your iOS device.


FaceTime For PC – Download FaceTime for Windows & Mac

FaceTime for PC makes it possible to talk, chat or hold meetings with anyone on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Windows devices, and also now Facetime – Video Calling App is also coming in PC with the built-in camera software.

It is easy to set up. All you need is to follow the instructions given and then dial a required contact mail. To start a video call add an entry in the contacts list.  FaceTime gets connected with Contacts Address Book, which makes things easier for you. Another option is to call via email. An invitation will appear on their screen which they need to accept to make a call. If you are using Facetime on your Macbook then you can use some advanced features.

Facetime has awesome video calling quality than other best video calling apps. It can also record your Calls with HD quality. Facetime is not only good but it is the most secure video call app that provides end to end encryption. You can use other apps for video calling but they don’t have enough features and security. That is why Facetime is popular. It provides a great end to end security.

If you are a Windows user, then you must have heard about the new FaceTime for Windows application, which has just been released. But before you get to grab it, you should first know what is FaceTime all about?

Why FaceTime?

As we all know Facetime App was one of the best video calling application ever released for iOS devices as compared to Google Duo, Skype, Bingo, and Messenger, so the developer thought to release the same application for Mac PC and Android devices so that everyone can take advantage of this App.

Apple has also added some new security features for Facetime. Users can now experience encrypted HD video calls with friends and employees. You can download Facetime on Windows. Read the complete article.

Facetime app enables you to make video calls to other computers with the help of your internet connection. FaceTime is an ultra-modern program that actually runs on Apple iPhones, iPads, and any other iOS devices. Apart from iPhone users, you will be able to make calls using Windows computers and tablets, such as iPad, BlackBerry, and Surface. The free version allows you to make free calls; the paid version charges $9.99 per month, while the membership version will charge you a one-time fee of $99.

Facetime for PC & MAC: Now say hello to FaceTime PC. You can now make video calls from your Mac computer to another Mac or an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It’s easy. It’s pretty much fun and exciting. One may almost feel the essence of being there while making a video call with Facetime.

In 2020, Video calls are the best way to interact with people you love. It connects you with your loved ones emotionally and physically. Facetime is the best app for this job we know, but there are many other apps, that allow users to do face to face talk on Windows PC and Mac.

Facetime for PC Download

Facetime application is all known for its quality, how user-friendly it is, and how much load this application takes on your iPhone. Facetime is a lightweight app that can run on any iOS device, well apart from this, facetime offers us awesome audio and video calling quality whereas apps like Google Duo, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skyper won’t be able to provide such good quality in that respective bandwidth. Ever Wonder, Why Facetime is so popular?

Facetime for PC Features:

  • HQ Video/Audio Calling
  • Low Data Consumption
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • It’s Free

Facetime is not officially available for PC or Windows but there are some best video calling apps for Windows and PC. Check the below alternatives of the Facetime App.

Facetime Alternatives for Windows PC

Facetime is not available for Windows but there are some awesome apps and software that are there for Windows. You can use these apps to make video calls for free. You can also use them for video conferences.

If you want to add more people to video call then facetime is the best. We are going to list down some popular and safe video calling apps for Windows and Mac users.


Google has released its all-new Video Calling Platform for free. Yes, we are talking about Google Meet. Google has released the Google Meet Video Conferencing app public and make it free. You can use it with your Google Account.

You can Go to https://meet.google.com/ and start a new meeting or group video call.

We are testing this new app. We will update you soon. This can be the best Facetime Alternatives.

Jio Meet is also now available for free video calling. It is the best alternative to Facetime for PC App. It allows for unlimited video calling and business meetings.

You can download Jio Meet for free. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS also.


Telegram also launched its own HD video calling feature with end to end encryption. Also, they have added awesome things in video calling. To make sure your video call is encrypted or not, you can compare icons showing on your video calling screen.

If both the parties have the same icons then your video call is encrypted and secured.

1. Skype for free calls

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used video calling app, available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users. Skype has also recently integrated what was formerly know as Microsoft Instant Messenger or Live Messenger into their platform. Since Microsoft is Skype, it only made sense to assimilate the two platforms into one. Now you can get the best of both worlds with MSN Messenger and Skype all in one.

Skype offers free instant calling to anyone on your skype list via video, sound, or text. Simply get the users skype name or email address and do a search for them and add them to your list and you can instantly communicate with them for free, anywhere in the entire world.

Website: Download Skype

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is also a popular messaging and video calling app from Google. You don’t need to create another account. You can use it with your Google Account. You can use Hangout from PC also. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows but you cannot make group video calls using Hangout.

Google Hangout uses voice over IP (VOIP) technology. Using the service you are able to make phone calls to your friends and family members. There are no charges. There are some other features you can perform using the service like video conferencing, chat, and instant messaging.

Now iPhone users can also use Google Hangout. iPhone users can call other Google Hangout users for free when in a Wi-Fi zone with their iPhone. If Wi-Fi is not available, you can still use the service if you are in a 4G or GPRS network environment.

Website: Google Hangout

3. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is one of the trending apps that allows professionals to make a group video call or video conference for free. You can buy a subscription for advanced features. Zoom is now a very popular program for users to remain connected to a coronavirus pandemic. Many companies have implemented work from home orders.

Zoom is a very easy-to-use tool that could handle meetings between around 100 people. There are Small Business packages that increase this limitation and adds new features.

Zoom Meeting’s free version offers everything required, and that is what we’re going to have a peek at here. You can configure meetings and add peoples very easily.

Zoom Price:

These are some key features of the Zoom App:

  • Meetings
  • Video Webinar
  • Conference Rooms
  • Phone System
  • Business IM

Download Zoom here: zoom.us

4. IMO Video Calling App

IMO is a social media app and the best facetime alternative of Facetime. It allows users to make free video calls and chat with friends. IMO is also available for Windows, Mac and Android users.

This new feature lets two Android users communicate with each other via internet chat. In addition, it allows for video chats, video conferencing and voice calls, too. You can add multiple people for a group video call. It allows you to share what you are doing with people who have not downloaded the application yet.

IMI is currently providing higher quality even in low network speed. It gives interruptions during a call. You can create the IMO account using our number. The IMO app could be downloaded from their website.

Download IMO: Play Store

Other Apps:

  • Google Duo
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp Video Calls
  • Facebook Video Call
  • Glide
  • iMovicha

Download Facetime For android

You can use Facetime on your Android devices. Here is a link.

Facetime Apk

How to Download and Install FaceTime for PC?

Follow these few simple footsteps to install your FaceTime for PC and enjoy endless video or voice calls for free using only your PC.

  • Before downloading Facetime on your computer, first, you have to download Bluestacks on your system.
  • You can download bluestacks applications from the official site https://www.bluestacks.com.
  • After downloading Bluestacks, Install it and once it’s done, restart your PC.
  • When you launch Bluestacks applications, it will take a few minutes to initialize its environments and default apps so make sure you don’t force close; it may result in the corruption of software.
  • Once the PC restart, open the bluestacks application in your system, and from there go to the menu and click on the play store application.
  • After opening Play Store, Click on search and type Facetime and then Download facetime for windows pc

  • To install Facetime immediately, click Open or Run, and then follow the instructions on your screen. *If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • To install the FaceTime later, click Save, and then download the installation file to your computer. When you’re ready to install the FaceTime, double-click the file, and then follow the instructions on your screen. *This is a safer option because you can scan the installation file for viruses before you proceed.
  • Launch FaceTime on your PC.

Download Facetime for Windows

  • It’s entirely free of cost for a lifetime.
  • It is an Official app that was first developed for iOS devices and now for Android and Windows PC.
  • You can use this application anytime, anywhere for Audio/Video Conferencing.
  • As I said above, it comes with two advantages; users can make audio as well as video calls to anyone around the world.
  • The visual quality of this application is Full HD(FHD), and the resolution purely depends on how good your device is.
  • The users can connect different devices like PC, FaceTime on Windows, iPhone & Mac without any issues.
  • One more advantage of Facetime is, users can connect multiple devices like PC, Facetime on Windows, iOS, and Mac without any drops.
  • And there some typical features which Facetime app has like hiding or blocking of calls if they are annoying you. This application automatically keeps all your contacts in sync from the contact book to the application. All the data gets stored in iCloud.
  • Using facetime for Windows, users can make as many conferences/personal calls easily that to free of cost. More than six users can connect in a time Facetime Video/Audio call.[/su_box]

If you have read the features of the facetime application, then see the procedure of how you can use FaceTime on pc. If you love video calls then you must have Facetime App on your Android as well as iOS. Here are the steps

Must Check: Best Facetime Alternatives for Windows and Mac

How to Use Facetime on PC?

FaceTime is a very simple and intuitive tool; it is built by top Apple developers to provide an excellent user experience and make it fun and easy for everyone. You can quickly make audio and video calls from your PC in a single click.

With FaceTime, you can avail of video calls as well as audio calls, and not it also supports chat options with features like stickers and audio messages.

  • Launch the FaceTime App from its folder or shortcut by clicking on it(After installation, it create a shortcut on Homescreen). * First-time launch will require you to set up your email address and phone number that can be used as your contact for FaceTime.
  • Find the name of the person you’d like to FaceTime with; it will appear listed in the left-hand navigation panel, and click on it.
  • Click on the number or email you’d like to call if you have multiple choices. *Calls made by FaceTime for PC can only be able if you have the person’s email address.
  • Wait for the FaceTime dial-up session to connect from the end-user.
  • When the person accepts your call, you are ready to start the conversation with the person on the other side.
  • When you finish your conversation, you can click on the End call option like you would with any other regular call.
facetime for pc
Facetime for PC via Bluestacks

Control Options of FaceTime for PC

  • When someone else is trying to reach you, a FaceTime pop-up will appear on your screen displaying the person’s name, and the following options quite the same as Messenger.
  • Accept click on this option allows you to immediately connect with the person on the other side.
  • Decline click on this option will end the calling made by the person on the other side.
  • If the person calling you has decided on a video call, you will have the following icon next to the Accept and Decline option.
  • Block video/camera call click on this option will allow only an audio call to take place and won’t turn on your built-in camera.
  • When you accepted the call and started your conversation, you will have the following options.
  • Full-screen click on this option will enable FaceTime to use the whole screen of your PC.
  • End click on this option will immediately hang up the call.
  • A mute click on this option will disable the microphone, and the person on the other side won’t be able to hear you.
  • In case you started your FaceTime conversation as an audio call, you will have an option to switch to video.
  • Video click on this option during your audio call will immediately turn on your camera and connect you with the person you were talking to, but this time you will be able to see each other.

Some Instructions about Facetime for PC Application

Just like a regular call; the pop will appear on your home screen if anyone is trying to message you or call you on Facetime even if the app is closed. So, you can accept or decline the call, and the same things go for chat options, whenever your friend or the end-user will message you, you will get pop notifications on your mobile.

FaceTime calls offer only a high-quality resolution HD display which now supports 1080p on PC.  FaceTime for Mac and PC supports video calls up to 720p before now the new update supports up to 1080p FULL HD. All you need is a Mac or PC device, with a built-in HD camera to enable FaceTime in providing you vivid calls, in case if your system doesn’t have a built-in camera then you have to buy an external webcam from any local store or online.

The FaceTime HD camera also supports a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio which gives a good calling experience to you and your family also. The clarity and full screen of the face time video call ensure one of the best video quality any application can ever have, and this is the only reason why this is application is much better than apps like Skype, Google Duo, and Messenger.

It doesn’t matter if it is a Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or PC; it works on most of the systems only with one tap. This lightweight application can easily run on any low configuration device.

Last but not least is the fact that this amazing feature is completely free with no limitations or bounds, it uses WiFi for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and PC or cellular networks for iPhone or iPad. It also has a reach worldwide customer base due to which it is easier to get in contact with more people.

How to use Facetime for Mac

Facetime is officially available for Mac users.

All you have to do is open Apps Launcher and then search for “Facetime”.

Login using Apple ID and Password. It is required. Once done, search for contacts and start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facetime for PC

How much data does Facetime consume?

Facetime application eats less bandwidth as compared to other applications like Skype, Tango, Google Duo, etc. We recently test this thing on our devices, and it consumed around 18MB of data using it for 5 minutes, the call quality was Full HD 1080p.

Why your Facetime application is not working?

First of all, check whether you are connected to the Internet or not because facetime needs a stable internet connection to start an audio/video conference. If you’re on WiFi, then try to restart your WiFi router or broadband and then check whether it is working or not and still if it is not working then try to debug the error, maybe you haven’t installed the app properly, and in that case you have to reinstall it.

Is Facetime Available for Android?

Yes, you can read more about Facetime Android here.

Can we use mobile data for FaceTime?

Yes, why not? You can use your mobile data for Facetime Video and Audio calls. Well, you should use your mobile data only and only if your data has much better bandwidth. By default, Facetime only enables calls when the user is connected to WiFi, but you can allow using Mobile Data for calls from Facetime Settings. You can get the best quality with a low internet connection.

Do you have to pay for Facetime calls?

No, you don’t have to pay a single penny for Facetime calls, it’s free, all you need is a stable working internet connection which will enable you to do calls anytime, anywhere. However there two options, either you can use mobile data, or you can use WiFi. The most preferred is WiFi because it consumes data while you’re doing video calls.

Do we need the Internet for facetime calls?

Yes, we do need a stable Internet connection to facetime calls. If there is not proper Intenet, we won’t be able to call anyone using Facetime as this application requires a stable internet to connect, but the best part is, this app even works on 2G networks. You can use WiFi as well as your mobile data to do free calls via the Internet.

How many people can facetime at once?

You can add multiple peoples on Facetime on PC.

To make sure that your video call is safe and secure, you can compare the encryption code with your partner on the iPhone. If the code is the same then your call is completely secure. Whatsapp is also using the same method to make its video calls secure.

We recommend you to use Facetime with a WiFi connection to get the best results.

So this was all about how you can download and install Facetime for PC, You can install via Bluestacks or any other Android emulator like YouWave or Nova, and for Mac, it is officially available on the App Store, so all you need to do is search for it in Apple App Store and download it. If you guys are facing any problem while downloading or installing this application, then you can let us know in the comment section below.

Facetime for Android – Download Facetime Apk

Facetime application was first launched for iOS devices in July 2010 and it became one of the best lightweight application for calling, messaging and video conferencing via Internet as compared to applications like Skype, Yahoo, etc. After few years as android devices started trending everywhere around the world, Apple started working on Facetime for Android and they did release the facetime app for android which was not good enough and then they have to turn it down, it came out with many types of glitch and bugs like the end-user won’t be able hear any voice and Factime apk automatically crashes. Facetime android version used to lag a lot because some android phones were not compatible.

Android facetime became popular within a few days, and users already started using this application in their daily life. Facetime for android is really beautiful and elegant application and far better than Microsoft Skype, Which makes everyone to opt Facetime rather than Skype or any other applications like Yahoo Messenger or Google Duo!

How to download Facetime for Android

Actually, Facetime APK is developed by Apple, But If you want to use facetime application without having an apple device, then you can install an iOS emulator on any Windows PC and can use facetime on PC.

Facetime APK is very popular in recent years for video chatting and calling. It was used by millions of iOS users when it was launched in 2010. Facetime is an Apple creation and is supported by devices that use iOS as well as Mac computers, specifically Mac OS 10.6.6 and above.

Well, Apple did release the Facetime App for Android version but due to many glitches and bugs, they turned it down. But you can still use Facetime application right on your Windows computer also

Follow these simple steps in order to download and install Facetime APK on Windows PC:

Step 1: The first step is to download the iOS emulator from its official website.

Step 2: After downloading iOS emulator, you have to run that executable file(.exe) and wait for some time to get it installed.

Step 3: It will take a few minutes to initialize, Once it’s done, restart your PC and then start the iOS emulator.

Step 4: After launching iOS emulator, go to the menu and navigate to iTunes.

facetime for android download

Step 5: Now you have to sign in to iTunes using your Apple credentials, in case if you don’t have that you can create an account there.

Step 6: After creating an account, click on the search bar and then type Facetime. It will show you the result of a few applications with all its descriptions.

Step 7: Select facetime and click on Download button and wait for it to get downloaded, it will install it automatically.

Facetime for Android

Features of Facetime App for Android

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • It eats less bandwidth as compared to Skype and Google Duo messengers.
  • The application is lightweight which never lags on iOS devices.
  • It is available only for iPhone, iPad, and Mac only.
  • You can manually manage the quality of the video from settings as per your Internet speed.
  • From 360pixels to Full HD 1080pixels you can set your video display setting( Though we would like to prefer always keep 720pixels).
  • When your video calls someone, the end-user can see where you are and what you are doing.
  • However, multiple users can chat, call, video conference at a one time in a multi-tenant way.
  • Now with the new update, you can create your custom emotions and share with your friends and family.

Facetime Alternative for Android

If you want to use Facetime for Android then here are some best Facebook Alternatives that you can find on Google Play Store.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the most used messenger app by Facebook, allow users to chat with friends. You can also make free video calls using Facebook Messenger. It also offers voice calling, text chat, multimedia messages, and group chats.

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the most lightweight and best video calling the app from Google. Google Duo is available for Android, IOS, and Windows. Google Duo offers group calling, voice calls, texting, and more. It supports one-to-one video calls over Wi-Fi and cellular. It’s modern smart design and message encryption security further delights, especially the young generation and thus is extremely popular amongst them. The simplicity and increased integration of the app with the Android application makes its one of the most natural video calling app.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is massively cross-platform and allows free messaging, video chatting including group video calling of up to 10 people at one go. The app comes integrated with other Google services like Google voice, which further enhances the functionality of the app. It allows free calling amongst all Hangout users as well as within U.S and Canada. The data latency management is far better than the Facebook messenger, which gives it a distinct edge. For all other calls, it does charge a nominal fee which varies region and country wise. Google Hangout is available for free and all you will need is Google Account.

So these were some awesome features of Facetime for Android and iOS. You can download them and use them anytime you want. You can talk to your friends and family from any remote location, all you need is a working a stable Internet connection.

To conclude facetime for android download can’t be done. It can only be download on iOS devices and on Windows PC that too using an iOS emulator. Apple is still working Facetime android application and once it is developed, they will be releasing it as soon as possible because the growth of Android devices has increased from 30% to double 60% in last 6 years. All we can say is just wait for the right time and once they will release it, that will be worth the wait

If you guys have any doubt regarding facetime for android download then you can ask us using Contact Us page or you can comment below and we will try our best to clear your doubts.