How to Fix FaceTime Not Working Error?

FaceTime app is a wonderful free video and audio calling app available for iPhone iPad and Mac OS X. This app is similar to other different apps present in Android like WhatsApp Facebook messenger etc. there are various reasons why FaceTime will have an issue and will not be working the way it should be.

We have researched on the internet about the FaceTime Apk and came up with various solutions for the various problems about FaceTime not working. please get the best possible solutions to the most common issues of FaceTime not working below. First identified the problem facing the face time and apply the solution to make the FaceTime working again.

Fix FaceTime Not Working:

we listed multiple reasons why FaceTime is not working with solutions. Do check below and try the methods listed to get your Facetime to back on track.

1. Fix Error of FaceTime stuck on waiting for activation:

When you sign into the FaceTime app it will say waiting for activation, if any of your device selfish saying this issue return of the first time and turn it back on again. To do so follow the following instruction for the iOS and Mac OS X.

To reset the FaceTime on iOS device, open settings > FaceTime and set FaceTime to off. Then again turn the FaceTime back on. To reset the FaceTime on Mac OS X device, open the FaceTime app and choose FaceTime > Preferences. Now set the first time off and then back on again.

2. FaceTime not working due to the wrong input of time and date in the device:

You may face FaceTime not working error due to the wrong date and time set on the iOS device you are using. To solve this problem check that the time and dataset correct in all the devices to do so, open system preferences on Mac and then click on date and time. Check the box next to Set date and time automatically and choose the Apple on the current region server from the drop-down menu. To do the same an iOS device open settings > general > date and time, check that its weight on the automatic option and turned on; and also make sure that time zone is it to your current location.

3. FaceTime not working due to the wrong input of the phone number in the FaceTime app:

FaceTime may also not work due to the wrong input of the phone number in the FaceTime app. To check that tap on settings > FaceTime on your iOS device, check that the correct phone number and the Apple id is listed below you can be reached FaceTime at. If not tap on and add another email address. If you still facing the FaceTime not working error in US device then make sure that the person you are trying to make the call has the correct contact details for you.

4. FaceTime not working due to you being on the block list:

sometimes you are facing you are unable to call a certain person. Always make sure that you haven’t accidentally identified the person you are trying to call to the block list of the FaceTime. To check that go to iOS device and tap on settings > FaceTime > blocked a check that they are not on the list. If they’re around the blocklist then tap on it and tap the red remove I connect to the name to unblock that current contact.

5. FaceTime not working due to the device issue:

Sometimes first time may also not work due to the device issues. Fix that restart all your devices. Hold down the sleep wake button on the iOS device and use the slide to power off setting, then tap the sleep or wake button again to turn on the iOS device. Now click on apply > restart on Mac OS X device.

Final Words

we have researched through the internet for the best possible solution for the most common error on the FaceTime not working. We have created the list based on the most common error faced the highest platform users. Is the solutions from our article and some problem with your device your facing. How to make sure that share this article with your friends so that they might also get the solution for the first time than others facing in their iOS devices.

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