Download and Install FaceTime for Windows 10

It is good news for the Windows 10 users because they can get rid of using a touchpad and typing long texts to your friends.  They can have access to Facetime app on their Windows 10 due to Facetime for Windows. Through this Facetime For Windows 10 guide will give a lifetime experience of the best video chatting application that can be used for face to face communication.

Facetime is one of the most popular and widely used applications that allows users to have audio and visual communication in a swift manner and Facetime for Windows is also available. It is present in all iOS devices.

In 2010 when the apple first introduced the facetime at company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs clearly they are going to make the facetime an open industry standard. So, many techno freaks had claimed that anyone will be able to create software which is compatible with the  FaceTime. If we believe this then it can be easily interpreted that it will carve the ways for the third parties developers which can create all types of FaceTime-compatible programs, including those that run on Windows and maybe also with on the platforms like Android.

FaceTime for Windows

There is a very little discussion of creating Facetime as an open standard. But it is also the fact that facetime is going to become a cross-platform standard. It can happen because apple hasn’t done anything about this in recent years and also it is something new and unique for the ecosystem of apple. It may prefer to keep FaceTime to itself to drive iPhone sales.

According to all this; when someone using windows try to make a facetime to the iOS device then it is not possible.

Why FaceTime and Download FaceTime for Windows

  1. Facetime provides fast communication and free of cost.
  2. For Facetime to work, you only need wifi network or 3G or 4G internet plan.
  3.  User-friendly apps available
  4. It does not require to register or sign up and can be accessed through a laptop or personal computer.
  5. Superb interface

There are some procedures so that you can download facetime for windows. Below are the mentioned steps-

Install Bluestacks

Bluestack is the way through which Facetime for windows 10 can be achieved in your computer. If you are not familiar, then it is an android emulator for computers. It is through this software which provides an ideal ground for an app to function smoothly in the computer.

There is a link provided that can be download BlueStacks from the link below. (Also, know more about Bluestack for Windows 10 here)

After installing Bluestacks, you need to visit the  Play store. Next, sign in with your mail id and put Facetime in the search box. Now you need to install Facetime, and it can be used in windows 10.


Facetime is one of the best things that happened to the apple users and hence windows users cannot be happier when they get to that Facetime for windows is also available. In this article, we presented the holistic review of the facetime on windows 10. Hope you enjoy using the facetime.

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  1. It’s actually a great and useful piece of information. Zoom is the biggest alternative now for Facetime for Windows.

  2. How can you download facetime on your computer windows 10? I need to know this information really fast ASAP!!

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