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Facetime Apk | Download & Install Latest Apk For Android

Many of you searched for FaceTime app on the internet but ended up getting a fake apk file. Sometimes these ask file contains a virus, malware and even they are corrupted. We have researched through the internet and we have considered every possible way before writing this article. But before we proceed further many of you might not know what is FaceTime. FaceTime is the app developed iOS developers for the iOS platform, it is a brilliant app for audio and video calling along with text messaging.

Due to various similar apps available in the market right now, FaceTime is not much of a trend right now. But FaceTime is looking for a major comeback with the Android platform.

Brief information About FaceTime Apk:

Let me first clear something up for Android users. FaceTime is currently not available for Android devices. Reason for not having FaceTime app in Android devices is because it is primarily developed for Apple devices only. FaceTime app configuration is made for the iOS platform which will not work in Android devices.

FaceTime app is currently available in iTunes and Apple App Store for iOS users and not present in the Google Play Store for the Android users. You may find many websites and articles claiming to give you the FaceTime for Android, but those are fake and corrupted apk and will end up having a virus or malware in the device.

Claiming for FaceTime for Android is a scam, downloading such files can be dangerous for your device. Till the Android developers came up with the FaceTime for Android we would suggest you use these alternative apps for Android.Let me first clear something up for the Android users. FaceTime is currently not available for Android devices. But don’t worry we are providing the best Facetime alternatives for  Android Users.

Apps Like FaceTime Apk For Android: Best Alternative

We have listed the best possible alternative for the FaceTime app for Android devices. Choose the suitable one or you can use all of them, most likely some of these apps might already be installed in your Android device.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous multi-platform media messaging app available in the market. This app is also having the feature of VOIP calling and video calling. This app is having the most similar features available in the FaceTime. We have also provided the download link of this app for you to try, but most probably you are already having this app installed in your Android device.

WhatsApp Messanger Apk From Below


2. Facebook Messenger:

Another app to mention which is similar to the FaceTime app is Facebook Messenger. This app is also having VOIP and video calling capabilities along with text messaging and chatting. You can also have the ability to make it your default SMS app. Facebook Messenger is having chat heads support which is easier to do multitasking with this app. Download the app from the link provided below.

Features for the upcoming FaceTime app for Android:

FaceTime is not currently available for Android right now, developers are currently working on the FaceTime for Android. FaceTime is having some amazing features that will also be available for the Android devices.

We have listed a few of the key features which will be available for FaceTime for Android.

  • FaceTime for Android will have the easy navigation for audio and video calling and also for text messaging and chatting
  • Real-time visual interactions in both end which will give the lifelike experience for Android users.
  • Support for both camera while using video call, now the FaceTime will support both primary and secondary camera, this feature is already available in most of the apps.
  • Free VOIP calling for FaceTime Android users.
  • PiP support for the device users to adjust themselves to the camera while using the video calling feature. PiP image will give us the glance of how other people are seeing us on his end.
  • Mute option for the audio while using video calling is online, mute in case the audio quality is not good due to a network issue.


We have researched through the internet and listed the best possible alternatives to the FaceTime app. Till we don’t get any official FaceTime for Android app developed for Android we can use the alternatives. We have also listed the features which will be coming to the FaceTime app.

Everything you need to know about FaceTime App for Mac and iOS

FaceTime App is a voice calling application created by Apple. Back in June 2010 Steve jobs announced the arrival of Face Time. Although the app is extremely similar both on the iPad and also on the iPhone, I would suggest that there are a number of things that you can specifically do on the iPhone as opposed to the iPad. The first would be that you take advantage of the full screen of the iPad as opposed to the smaller screen of the iPhone. The second would be to often visit the iTunes store as there are often new updates.

What is Facetime App and its Compatibility ?

More and more companies are creating products that are compatible with FaceTime as they can see, like other Apple products (in my honest opinion) are quite superior. Most companies see this and are hedging their bets for Apple Face time, At this point in time FaceTime is compatible with iPhone 4, fourth Generation iPod Touch, a second generation iPad, or a computer with Mac OS X to another similar device; the previous generations of iPhone and iPod Touch are not currently supported.

How to Download and Install Facetime App on MAC X OS

  1. The way people communicate has come a long way from when the first phone was first invented.
  2. You now have the option of using the FaceTime app, which will allow you to see the person your talking too. You can use this app from your laptops, iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
  3. This is a great app whether you are on business and want to see your family, working late and want to say good night to your kids, have a conference call with someone.
  4. You can get the FaceTime app simply by visiting http://www.apple.com/mac/facetime/ and then click on buy now – it will then redirect you to another screen and you will see another button – view in mac app store – you will click that and then it will redirect you the app store where you click buy.
  5. Once you buy it you will be prompted to put in your i.d and your password if you are not already logged in, and then it should download and pop up automatically.
  6. The FaceTime application is a great fun way to stay in touch with friends and families.
  7. Flying cars may not have been invented yet like they were promised, but video calling is here and it is no longer for the rich.
  8. You can get for a very cheap price if your iPhone or computer does not have it. Go and download your FaceTime app today so you can catch up with that person you have not talked to in months.

Factime App Functions and How it Works on an iOS Devices

  1. The Apple´s newest FACETIME APP is software that is for the Apple Mac that allows people to video-talk with friends, family or businesses.
  2. MacBook Pro allows customers to download the program from the Apple store as long as they have an Apple ID, an email address and an Internet connection then they can use their address book to make a video call.
    Next step is clicking a friend or family member’s phone number talking with them is easy and great for catching-up on old times.
  3. The main function of having a Facetime App on PC is having conversations with a person instead of just hearing their voice.
  4. The MacBook Pro has a Fastime camera built-in and the iMac let callers independently view each frame without having distractions from around them.
  5. If the friend or family member is on-line then an invitation will pop up onto the screen where they can accept or deny the call from you.
  6. This is similar to emails and chats when the person is already at a website.
  7. The video-call being made from the Mac can call to an iPad, to an iPhone, IPod touch, MacBook Pro, iMac or another Mac computer.
  8. When the friend clicks on accept the video-call begins while you see them face to face. The Fastime calls provide the same sound as a HD entertainment system and clarity.
  9. The iPhone is only used when the call is from a Mac computer, MacBook Pro. Or iMac unfortunately the FASTIME APP is not for the iPhone independently.

So this was all about Facetime App, We have a detailed tutorial on how you can download and install Facetime App on your Mac and iOS devices, if you guys face any problem while following this tutorial then you can let us know in comment section below.