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Google Meet Video Calling App – Best Facetime Alternative for Android

One of the greatest innovations that Google has made in recent times is Google Meet. You have probably heard of it seems to be the hottest thing in networking at the moment. However, are you seeing the value of this innovation? And, is it a fad or a real innovation.

The first thing that you should know about Google Meet Video calling is that it is beneficial for business professionals. Google Meet allows you to share your information with others for free, and they can even do the same! Google meet app helps people who work in sales or marketing but don’t have the time to attend a meeting now and then.

You might be asking yourself whether you will see them talking or the screen they are talking on. Well, both of these will work correctly. What is important is that you get the message across clearly, and you get to see the reaction of the person you are talking to when you are talking to them.

Google Meet Video Calling App

Another great benefit of Google Meet Video calling is that it is very inexpensive. When you compare the amount of money you are paying to go to a meeting with other companies, this new service is definitely worth the investment. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about the person who is attending the meeting being able to get into trouble by taking a picture of their boss.

Google Meet Video Calling App

The next benefit of this type of video calling is that it provides you with an opportunity to get to know others better. You will be able to get to know them and talk to them about their needs. This makes them feel important because you have met them before. They also won’t feel like they have been put off by your calling them because they know that you are interested in them and care about their needs.

Basic Version

  • Cost: $6 / month
  • Programs: Gmail’s business, Meet video conferencing, calendars, secure team messaging, and more.
  • Participants: 100
  • Cloud storage space: 30GB


  • Cost: $12/ month
  • Programs: Basic version + Cloud Search.
  • Participants: 150
  • Cloud storage space: Unlimited/ 1TB per users

This video calling service also allows you to communicate with others in real-time. The new Google meet will allow you to discuss your ideas with other people and then follow up with them at some later point in time. Google Meet will keep you from going to each one of them and asking them to pass your idea along. And also, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck when it comes to time to discuss the details of your idea.

Google Meet Video Calling

Why Google Meet is the Best Facetime Alternative

All of this means that you will be able to share your ideas with others, share information with others, and keep in touch with each other while not being in the same room all of the time. Google Meet Video Calling app helps you to keep moving forward and to where you want to go in life. So, what’s the bottom line? There isn’t much to the answer other than what Google said about this new service. It’s an incredible service that has helped thousands of business people stay ahead of the business world game.

Earlier, Google has launched its video calling app called Google duo but you can’t make a conference call with users. But Google Meet allow users to make conference call with up to 100 participants.

If you haven’t already started calling, then you should start calling today. This new service is not going away, and you might find yourself missing some things that you were used to doing if you haven’t yet joined in on the Google Meet Video calling revolution.

Now, the question is, how do you get started in these excellent services? Many free websites are available online to provide you with many of the features that you will need to start calling on Google. These sites will help you set up an account, provide you with video conferencing services, and even give you access to free video conferencing tools.

The only expensive thing is that you are limited in the amount of time you can spend using these new video conferencing features. So, if you are only interested in getting an idea out on the Internet, then you might want to try a paid site before you try Google Meet Video calling.

So, there you have it, just a few reasons why it’s worth looking into joining video conferencing on Google. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started today and start learning more about it. Then you can start learning more about this excellent new service.

Best Free Video Conferencing Apps for Windows and Mac

Conference call developed by technology has supported extensive conference calling sessions, and through these calls, you can connect to thousands of participants. As technology is increasing day by day, conference call gives offer so that businesses can use this technology and do hassle-free conference calling and collaboration.

This, in turn, helps the companies to save money on different expenses like travel so that productivity can be increased. Facetime is the most popular Video Conferencing App but Facetime for PC is not available. You have to use other alternatives for Windows.

Facetime for Windows 10

We can use Mac to do conference calls as well as video calling, and this offers different types of value-added features that will help you to outsource conferencing services, and this is a cost-effective solution for any business.

Video Conferencing Apps for Windows

Here are some of the best free video conferencing apps providers with video and screen share and are supported by MAC.


GoToMeeting is an application that is highly popular these days for web conferencing services, and the name itself suggests that. When you are using the free plan on this application, then it provides one of the best as well as most natural methods so that you can do conference calls.

GoToMeeting also has the sharing capabilities of the screen. This application feature of a one-click meeting solution helps beginners so that they can quickly figure out the software, and this application is friendly with iOS software.

Link – https://www.gotomeeting.com


TeamViewer is a compulsory secured application and is in tie-up with Cisco. TeamViewer provides an app that basically claims to have approximately 1.3 billion protected devices, and they can be operated by using remote support, and this will also help you to participate in different online meetings.

This platform has a great emphasis on different support as well as solutions.

TeamViewer’s has different features, and these features include the ability to run different remote sessions, and at the same time, Mac operating systems can support this website on the browser.

Link – https://www.teamviewer.com

Cisco Webex

This application is hosted, owned, as well as developed by networking giant Cisco, Webex and this application top many of the lists that give you the ranking for the best web conference software and this is one of the first conference solutions that was developed but later it was, created a product that was pretty much effective.

It is just like most other web conferencing systems; this is a free version of Webex. Webex’s free version gives you a specific limit of adding participants to a conference call, and that is up to three.

Link -https://www.webex.co.in


This is the most common application that is used by most of us.

Skype has an option of free, web conferencing solution and also very user friendly. Skype also gives you a choice of free video calling as well as you can share your screen, but this feature is not widely known.

The screen sharing option is free of cost, and that makes this application much better. Skype is not as flexible as other applications are. Skype does not force participants to download any additional software. Anyone who is willing to join Skype needs to sign up.

Link – https://www.skype.com


This also one of the software that is used for conference calls, and this was developed by the same team that created the LogMin suite, and that provides different tools for collaboration.

Join.me is one software that is easy to use, and even beginners can use this software easily, and this application only needs one-click so that it seems to have some motivation, and that is basically behind the tools.

Join.meexpands the one-click functionality, and that is basically beyond some of the interoffice communications.

Link – https://www.join.me

Google Hangouts

Google has several solutions and also several applications, for example, Google Voice.

It has so many other apps, and also these applications help us to keep up everything that we need to have regularly. Google Voice and Hangouts are more or less the same and also provide us with the same functions.

Whereas other Google apps, like hangout, are free to use. This provides us with a platform that allows users to receive as well as send instant messages, receive and send SMS messages, and also do video chats.

Link – https://hangouts.google.com

How can we do video calling on Mac?

  • For this, you need to open the application with which you want to do a video call, and then you need to select the contact, or you can also search for an individual in the organization, and that search can be done by using the search bar.
  • Then click on Ctrl+click, and then you can choose, and you can start a Video Call, and then you can initiate a video call.

How to Add Another Person to a Video Call?

When you want to add another person to a video call, then you need to drag and then drop their name as well as contact information so that you can activate a video call.

Google Duo for PC – Best Alternative to Facetime App

Google Duo is one of the most used video chat application which was developed and published by Google. Google Duo is currently available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

You can easily download Google Duo application from Google Play Store for Android devices and from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. When it comes to Windows, they recently launched Google Duo for the PC version.

Now you can easily video/audio chat with your friends using a computer, isn’t that great? All you need to do is get a webcam and headphones and then you can easily chat with your friends, family and close ones without any limitations.

Google Duo is best known to provide the best quality video calling features and bandwidth. You can do audio as well as video call to the end-user on as low as 2G network and that is the specialty of this application.

Features of Google Duo for PC

Well if we talk about features of google duo for windows then there are many awesome features as compared to Facetime for PC application.

Google Duo for Windows

  • UI is as simple and easy to use. Normal users can easily able to understand.
  • Video and Audio Quality is really awesome and much better than Facetime App if we compare. Google Duo now provides 1080p FULL HD Video chat.
  • It is a cross-platform application. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • All your calls and chats are in encrypted form.
  • Works smoothly even on the 2G network(Personally tested)

Facetime for PC Download

How to Download and Install Google Duo for PC

How to download and install Google Duo for PC

  1. To download Google Duo for Windows, you first need to open the official website of Google Duo.
  2. There you will find Google Duo PC version. Click on  Download button and it will start download the application right on your computer.
  3. Once the application is downloaded, you have to find the folder in which it has been downloaded.
  4. Now open GoogleDuo.exe (Executable file) in your system and it will show you, installation wizard.
  5. Click on the Next button and it will ask you the path in which you want to install.
  6. After assigning the path, click on Install and wait for a few moments and it will be installed.
  7. After installation, it will create a shortcut on your Desktop. You can launch the application from there itself.
  8. When you will launch the application it will ask you to sign in using your Google account.
  9. Enter the credentials and Google Duo for Windows will be enabled in your Windows operating system.

That’s it, this is how we can easily install Google Duo for PC in a few minutes. If you guys are facing any problem while following our tutorial then please let us know in comment section below and we will help you for sure.